Group - Grupo Dani García

The Grupo Dani García is a young, fun and innovative brand born out of enthusiasm, a love for cooking, a taste for things well done and other shared passions between Dani García and three young entrepreneurs: Laura and Javier Gutiérrez (brother and sister) and Juan Manuel Toro.

Respect, loyalty, teamwork, creativity and the ability to generate synergies with different suppliers in order to create new and more complete experiences are what seals this identity. Values that are intended to surprise their customers, fulfil their dreams and, ultimately, make others happy with their different concepts, whether that be in the Marbella and Madrid restaurants or in any part of the country through the Grupo Dani García events department.

The group currently incorporates the gastronomic restaurant Dani García (with three Michelin stars), the BiBo Marbella and Madrid restaurants, Lobito de Mar, the catering line Eventos Dani García that operates throughout the whole of Spain, Atelier (the chef’s laboratory of ideas in Marbella and event space) and the Fundación Dani García.