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Red carpet gala menus, a liquid nitrogen show for the coolest summer party, themed food stands, a cool cocktail reception for a corporate event, show cooking, international cuisine to celebrate a kosher marriage or a Moroccan partnership, a fairy-tale menu inspired by The Little Prince or Alice in Wonderland, and even traditional cooking for a more conventional gathering are just some of the things that Eventos Dani García can offer. And our menus can always be 100% personalised and open to the wildest of imaginations.


They are all developed by Dani García based on his references of fine dining. The commercial team is at your disposal to find the perfect menu for your special day. During the tasting, you will be able to test various alternatives in order to define the final result. Through our refined cuisine and excellent service, we help the happy couple to enjoy a memorable experience with their guests, adapting and creating the ideal environment that identifies the couple in every one of the details.

Wedding Menu


Our cocktails bear the name of the bartender Hector Henche who in collaboration with Dani García has found the perfect synergy between his cocktails and Dani García’s cuisine. At Eventos Dani García we have some of the best cocktails from the menu to delight all the guests at your celebration, combined with spectacular liquid nitrogen creations.

Cocktail menu


With this type of menu your guests will be able to travel and move freely between the different stands, each with a certain peculiarity or gastronomic theme. Invite your guests to eat the best burgers in the world with Dani García’s famous Bull sauce, or to visit the cold cuts table to taste ham, oysters and caviar; these are just some of the options available for these menus.

Stand Menu

Gala Menus

The most exclusive parties and celebrations should have a menu that lives up to expectations. For this category, the chef Dani García prepares the menus using classics from his culinary career with over 20 years of experience. With its famous cherry gazpacho, ajoblanco and the renowned nitro-tomato. A VIP menu for exclusive guests and exclusive events.

Gala Menu

Live Cooking

Knowing how haute cuisine is cooked is what intrigues our customers the most. With Live Cooking the various Head Chefs from the Grupo Dani García will show guests how to recreate the most emblematic dishes of the two-time Michelin star chef, Dani García.

Live Cooking