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The kitchen of Dani Garcia Restaurant is a brilliant kitchen, in continuous reinvention and evolution and based on the philosophy “think locally and cook globally”. It is a concept that has no boundaries, born to fulfil the dreams of those who ty it. And dreams, like magic, have no limits.


❝ The three stars know me to the key of the success of the happiness, to see a team and all your surroundings tremendously happy, but also to the key of the end. Of that there is no more ❞

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The tasting menu “Madre” was designed to take the chef back to his origins, to his essence. It is a tribute to the woman who initiated his love for the art of cooking and also to his motherland, Andalucía. In this last menu, his entire professional career is summarized through the most legendary, creative and personal dishes that the Marbella chef has created. As well as this, an extensive wine list guarantees a complete and sophisticated experience for the most expert palates.


Nitro pickles (2009)
Foie yoghurt with parmesan (2008)
Extra virgin olive oil nitro popcorn (2003)

Fauna & flora

Nitro tomato, green gazpacho and shrimp (2008)
White gazpacho, smoked “false” herring roe and white prawns (1998)
Caviar-andalusian stew-beef tongue (2018)
Anchovy & truffle (2016)

Ingredient-driven cuisine

Red prawn with pilpil gazpachuelo and pepper (2015)
Gypsy stew with tendons, spiny dye-murex and peppermint (2014)
Roman style crab with fennel and poultry cream (2016)
Glazed almadraba tuna steak (2017)


Milk with cookies (2000)
Andalusian freshness (2016)


Wine harmony

Origen – 105€
Madre – 195€
Destino  – 300€


Surprise, experiment and gift Dani García

Dani García Restaurant has designed, with great care, a variety of experiences which can make great gifts. An ideal gift for those seeing unique emotions.emociones únicas.