The Foundation



The DANI GARCÍA Foundation is a non-profit organisation whose assets are assigned in the long term to carry out general purpose interests, which comprise the fostering, research, education and dissemination of food habits as an instrument to prevent, diagnose and treat children’s diseases.

It is a Spanish foundation and most of its activities will be carried out in Andalusia, particularly in Marbella. Its registered address is Hotel Puente Romano, Avenida Alfonso de Hohenlohe s/n, Marbella, Málaga, Spain.

The Foundation is governed by the wish of its founder, stated in the deed of incorporation, by its articles of association, by the provisions which, by construing and implementing them, are established by the Board of Trustees and, in any case, by Foundations Act 50/2002 of 26 December and the other implementing regulations.

Calendario de acciones (próximamente)

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