One kitchen. Zero limits.

The Dani García Restaurant is the most personal project from a chef who doesn’t follow fashion or preconceived ideas, but searches for inspiration, endless creation and the most innovative results. It’s a dream factory, a space for reflection taking the diner down a road through a world of the known and the unknown, with nothing from here and everything from out there.

The Dani García Restaurant cuisine is bright, constantly evolving and reinventing itself, based on the philosophy of “think local and cook global” without borders because it is born to make dreams come true. And dreams, like magic, do not have limits.

Long live contradiction

Dani García’s cuisine is based on contrasts, but at the same time it revives the traditional flavours of Andalusian cuisine, playing with textures, flavour contrasts and hot-and-cold opposites. And so COCINACONTRADICION is born, which showcases creative, magical and delicate presentations. In short, avant-garde dishes that are rooted in tradition and where technique is there to serve flavour.