The Restaurant

The Restaurant



The taste is invisible to the eye… as we grow inevitably change our perception of things and it cost us think of a trip through the universe, visiting the planets… or think that when a lantern lights a star is born and when turned of the star sleep… Dani García invites us to recapture the magic and get into a new world with its tale Prince menu.

A return to the top with the maturity and experience of what he has seen and learned over the world. A menu in which the taste is invisible to the eye. Dishes are not what they seem and whose real meaning is discovered when testing in taste.


There was once a sommelier who combined each dish with a wine that fully respected and boosted the flavour of the ingredients. Carlos García Mayoralas form pairings with a unique and harmonious whole that completes the dining experience. Proposals we should not judge until they are at our palate.


The Dani García Restaurant provides fantasy in Marbella’s Golden Mile area. Decorative elements that have meaning and transformed according to the menu advances, dishes to be completed and developed before them and a box in which there is nothing inside except a message: the essential is invisible to the eye, make the diner protagonist and part of the story.

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