Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu

The way we choose to eat illustrates our caracter, our culture and our understanding of gastronomy. In Dani Garcia Restaurant, you can freely create your own experience inside the Haute Cuisine: full portions, half portions, a la carte, 2015/2016 Menu “Prince” or even combine both a la carte and the Menu.


Rose 1
Vegetable ceviche gazpacho
Seabass crudo with habanero ajoblanco
Spider crab from Marbella and sour cream
Deep fried wild mushroom, retinta beef tartar and payoyo cheese
Taco tapa of local squid
Gazpachuelo soup with pil-pil and red prawn
Spanish mackerel in pickled sauce
Secret box
Deep fried crochet
Gypsy pot of beef tendons and local mollucs
Red mullet cooked in “manteca colorá” and roteña stock
Red snapper, turtle dove consome and garlic
Wild hare and black garlic
Sweet nitro tomato, raspberry, butter and garnacha wine
Créme brûlée with basil, pear and crusty mantecado lardy cake
Tocino de cielo custard with mango, payoyo cheese and Pedro Ximénez wine
Rose 2

Tasting menu price: 185€ (10% VAT included)

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