His most personal project

“On a bed of tradition, pour opposing and unique flavours, add a tablespoon of intense nuances, a pinch of talent and a sprig of innovation. Add a mixture of disconcerting textures and sprinkle this with thrill.” 

Dani García invites us to visit his dream place. Caleidoscope is a tunnel for magical worlds, where shapes are not dictated, a field where games and colours peacefully enter the mind of the observers, who are forever captivated by it. If they repeat, then they have understood the message.

The products are the undisputed stars of this flavour-filled experience. Diners delve into the colourful world of the chef, savouring dishes prepared using the most avant-garde techniques while preserving the most traditional elements of cooking.


Tasting Menu


Tasting Menu

Step into Caleidoscope, Dani García’s dream place, from the 14th of February.

Caleidoscope is Dani García’s dream place, a place where shapes are not dictated, and which will leave you forever captivated.




Beetroot and brandade of eel with beetroot shoots

Dry turtledove merengue

Cherry mary gazpacho

Quisquillas from Motril

Gazpacho soup in ceviche and fresh sea urchin

Oyster with pistachio garlic soup and pickled samphire

Pil pil-style cold red prawn gazpachuelo soup

King crab in batter, fennel and parsley

Red mullet cooked in “manteca colorá” and roteña stock

Gipsy pot of beef tendons and local molluscs

Baked sea bass and game consommé

Roast hare and black garlic curry

Desserts board:

Al-Andalus dew, orange, orange blossom and pistachio

Sweet nitro tomato, raspberry, butter, garnacha wine and liquorice

Crème brûlée with basil, pear and crusty mantecado lardy cake


Tasting menu price: 185€ (10% VAT included)