BIBO Cancellation Policy & Reservations

BIBO Restaurant – On Bookings and cancellations Policy

At BIBO Restaurant we wish to offer our clients the best possible experience and the fairest way for all of them to obtain a table.

Given the high volume of bookings and the reduced number of tables we have available at the restaurant, we have launched a new booking system that allows us to ensure the maximum number of experiences, so that our clients are not left without the possibility of enjoying them.

How can I book a table at BIBO Restaurant?

For tables of 6 Guest or more, you will have to book ahead for one ticket per person to enjoy the gastronomic experience of BIBO Restaurant. Together with the ticket you will have the option of booking a table at the restaurant. The price of the Ticket is 25€ per person (10% VAT included). This Ticket will be charged to the credit/debit card you give us ONLY if you do not attend or cancel the booking within the 12 hours prior to the date and time of your booking.

Bookings may only be made in two ways:

Can I cancel my booking?

YES, you can cancel your booking at any time through the email or text message link you received when you requested your booking, at no cost to you. ONLY if you table is for 6 or more guest, you are cancelling within the 12 hours prior to the date and time of your booking will you be charged for the total of Tickets acquired for attending the BIBO Restaurant.

What happens if I do not attend my booking?

At BIBO Restaurant we always double check each booking and send all our clients an email at the time of the booking to confirm attendance, and another one 48/24 hours before the date and time of your booking for final confirmation.

Just in case your table will be for 6 PAX or bigger and should you not attend a confirmed booking, you will be charged for the total number of Tickets on the credit/debit card you gave us earlier, at a rate of 25€ per guest.

Can I modify my booking?

If it is for the same date, you may modify your booking for fewer diners at no cost, provided you do so 12 hours beforehand. Otherwise you will be charged for the diners who do not attend the booking, with only those who attend being discounted.

You can increase the number of diners on the same day of the booking for your table for 6 o more guest provided there is availability of space, and we will gladly modify it. Once the booking has been modified, if the total number of guest booked do not attend, 25€ (10% VAT included) will be charged for each extra guest who has not attended the booking.

When is my booking confirmed?

Only if you table is for 6 or more guest, once you have booked through our website, you have to enter your credit/debit card together with your personal details and the system will proceed to validate said card by charging and refunding 1€. Once validated, you will receive a booking confirmation email or text message. Within 24/48 hours prior to the date and time of your booking you will receive another email or text message, which will allow you to directly confirm or cancel the booking. Only if you cancel within the 12 hours prior to your booking will your credit/debit card be charged for the total number of diners booked for the value of the BIBO Experience Ticket, 25€ (10% VAT included). If you prefer to do so by telephone we will ask you to confirm all your details, possible allergies and your credit/debit card to confirm that you have acquired a Ticket. From this point on the procedure is the same as the one on our website.

Is my booking confirmed?

NO, it is only pre-confirmed.

Within 12/24 hours prior to the date and time of your booking, you will receive an email and text message, and you will have to confirm or cancel the booking through the links enabled for this purpose. ONLY when you have confirmed the booking through the email or text message will your booking be confirmed. If we don’t have your confirmation, the system will cancel the reservation automatically.