Dani García’s Atelier in Marbella is the research and development centre where Dani and his team – an excited and motivated team with heaps of ideas-, creates avant-garde dishes and innovative products on a daily basis that feed all of the Grupo Dani García business lines. A space equipped with the most advanced technology, the latest culinary techniques and new systems and materials to create culinary experiences and emotions. From Atelier to the world, because it is a place where ideas are born that are exported to the rest of the planet.


It is a centre where every corner is filled with creativity in its purest state; it is the place where all the ideas are born and where new projects emerge. It is the R&D centre for Dani García, the Group and the event production kitchen. It is the creative centre for all the new dishes in all the restaurants of the two-time Michelin star chef. It is Dani’s workplace and the workplace for his team where they create and try out new ideas to delight diners.

100% Dani García