Unplugged Night

350 € person (VAT not included) Full table of 4 or 6 pax

Dani García, Ángel León and Paco Morales, completely unplugged from any techniques created after the year 1995.

Ángel León is a sailor by vocation. His passion for the sea and for fishing, for a close acquaintance with the natural environment that is most akin to him, the shipwrecks, the algae, the salt and the fish, lead him to bring this intimate horizon into his kitchen. His creative passion and his youth are evident in all of his dishes’ presentations. He seeks to apply in the kitchen all the natural resources that the sea offers him.

Paco Morales. “Before I used to cook for myself; now I do it for the client”. This simple statement is a perfect summary of how Morales conceives his own personal approach to public cuisine.
In a very short time, Paco Morales’ cookery skills have matured, become more rounded. The flavours in his dishes have become more refined. His work, while never losing that cutting-edge touch, has become moregourmand.
Another distinctive trait of this young chef’s cuisine is conceptual clarity. Each dish is conceived as a whole where each element is a tool towards achieving the desired end.

Dani García